KANY Corporation, founded in 1987, is an international soft commodity trading company, specializing in the supply of premium cocoa products to the global chocolate and confectionery markets. We are committed to supplying our clients with superior cocoa products while providing reliable, best-in-class and timely service in line with our corporate values. Since our founding, we have strived to supply above industry-standard, sustainable and certified cocoa products for artisanal bean-to-bar companies, bakeries, craft chocolate makers and multi-national chocolate processors around the world.

KANY is dedicated to ensuring a transparent cocoa supply chain. Thus, we have established a lasting partnership with a farmer-owned cooperative in Ghana to guarantee our cocoa products are sustainably sourced and that farmer communities are adequately compensated. Full transparency, environmental stewardship and equitable practices in cocoa production are not only requisites for end-user confidence, but also a barometer for creating a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.


Meet the Management Team

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Dr. Kwadwo Boakye, President and CEO

Dr. Kwadwo Boakye is President and CEO of KANY Corporation and has acquired tremendous experience from active participation in the import/export business of agricultural products in various capacities. Over a 30+ year career, he has successfully structured several import/export transactions to North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific markets. Kwadwo is also a practicing physician in New York. He holds a MBChB from University of Ghana Medical School.

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Mr. Nana Yaw Poku, Chief Operating Officer & Head Trader    

As the Chief Operating Officer and Head Trader of KANY Corporation, Mr. Nana Yaw Poku manages and spearheads KANY’s global operations, which include trading of cocoa-related products, customer relationships and the development of international sources of products required by the company’s clientele. He frequently travels to producer sites, at times alongside KANY’s customers, to negotiate purchases and ensure shipments are adequately audited and inspected. Mr. Poku has been instrumental in establishing KANY as a well-known and respected global cocoa trading and sourcing company.

Prior to joining KANY Corp team in 2002, he held executive sales and general management positions for several global Fortune 500 companies. 

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Dr. Julius K. Boakye, Managing Director

Dr. Julius Boakye has a wealth of experience in the commodities sector acquired from operating in both the production and trading of oils and fats. As Partner and Managing Director of KANY Corp, he is tasked with overseeing the company's operations and engaging with our global clientele. Julius holds a MBChB from the University of Ghana Medical School.  


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Mr. Kofi Boakye, Business Development Manager

Mr. Kofi Boakye has a financial services and consulting background but has had a keen eye on the global cocoa industry for a number of years. With technical experience on the ground in Ghana, he has established strategic relationships with key stakeholders throughout the entire cocoa supply-chain. In addition to his role in business development and operations, Kofi manages and leads KANY’s sustainability and social impact initiatives to ensure all cocoa products are sustainably sourced prior to reaching the company’s intended end-user. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Columbia University and a MBA in International Finance and Entrepreneurship from Fordham's Gabelli School of Business.