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Cocoa Merchants' Association of America

The Cocoa Merchants' Association of America (CMAA) is an association devoted exclusively to trading cocoa beans and related products in the United States. The association's member companies represent all stakeholders in the cocoa supply chain from shippers and growers to the branded chocolate manufacturers and everyone in between, including banks, warehousemen, steamship carriers, and so forth on an international level. CMAA adheres to stringent standards of practice for its members. KANY has been a voting member since 2001.

The principal objects of the Association are to foster trade and welfare of the cocoa beans and cocoa products industry in the United States as well as to obtain for its membership the benefits to be secured by friendly intercourse among those engaged in importing and trading in cocoa beans derivative products.

Federation of Cocoa Commerce

The central purpose and role of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce is to provide a comprehensive contractual and operational framework within which the interests of all sectors of the cocoa trade and industry are fairly represented and which will:

  • Deliver sustainable benefits to our members that they may conduct the cocoa trade in accordance with the highest standards and best practices.
  • Assist and encourage cocoa growers to achieve and maintain the required quality standard.
  • Assist our customers to deliver high quality products to their customers.

The FCC has over 190 members, operating in all areas of the cocoa supply chain from production/exportation through to chocolate manufacturing including the cocoa trade, cocoa processors, banks, logistics providers and superintendents.

Ghana Cocoa Board

The mission of the Board (the "Cocobod") is to encourage and facilitate the production, processing and marketing of good quality cocoa, coffee and sheanut in all forms in the most efficient and cost effective manner, and maintain the best mutual industrial relation with its objectives. KANY has been a licensed member of the Cocobod since 2001.

Cocobod's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are aimed at embracing responsible actions and encouraging a positive impact through its activities for Ghanaian smallholder farmers, the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.

Thus, Cocobod has a corporate social responsibility to cocoa farmers, the media, Government, Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs), its various clients, the general public and the world in which we operate.